Compelling reason to bother about bottle tops

According to the 2017 report from the North Sea Foundation consumers leave behind 80% of the plastic bottle caps on the beach.

Download the full report.


Sites with great local information about reducing, reusing and recycling

An A-Z of where and how to recycle everything locally. (Including where to take your bottle tops from home.)

A section on how we can reduce, reuse and recycle in our city. Lists local and national services and initiatives to help us all waste less.


Documentaries to watch

A feature-length documentary.

David Attenborough’s series focusing on the oceans.

A 45-minute documentary produced by Sky News in 2017.


Sources of info about plastic in our oceans and how to get involved

Links to great ideas, info and articles.

As SAS put it: plastic is the new sewage. They’re doing many things around the country to tackle it. Info and help for individuals and schools.

Lots of interesting articles as well as information on current campaigns and a plastic footprint calculator.

The Guardian keeps us up-to-date with the latest news on plastics around the world.

A beautifully illustrated book with a great rhythm to get the little ones interested. It also has facts on how different creatures are affected by plastic.


Plastic/Ocean initiatives to support

This is a global initiative that started in the UK. We all have two minutes to spare! Pick it, snap it, tag it. 

Join the Resistance against single-use plastics! You can sign up to receive your free Individual Action Plan for reducing your plastic use.

Download the Refill app and you’ll never have to buy another bottle of water in Brighton & Hove again.

With their HQ in Brighton, the Plastic Free Pledge is working hard to get businesses to cut single-use plastics.

A cross-curricular education programme aimed at inspiring love and respect for our oceans in the next generation.

A local recycling and reuse cooperative that collect recycling for households and businesses and upcycle furniture.

Set up by the Marine Conservation Society, the network brings together people and their organisations across different sectors to tackle the issue of marine litter. Over 60 organisations involved.